Management Committee 2017

Chair - Web Matthews
Vice Chair - Carl Gilling
Treasurer - Cynthia Drummond
Assistant Treasurer - Kenroy Stewart
Secretary - Lorna Francis
Assistant Secretary - Delorine Bailey
Fixture Secretary - Wesley Briscoe
Youth Co-ordinator - Theo Gordon
Child Welfare Officer - Samantha Mullally
Club Captain - Zemroy Thomas
Committee Member - Milverton Pearson
Committee Member - Cliff Depass

Sub Committee

Club Manager - Milverton Pearson
Club Vice Captain - Nicky Clark
Coaching Co-Ordinator - Ricardo Williams
Second Team Captain - Theo Gordon
Second Team Vice Captain - Christian Barrows
Third Team Captain - to be confirmed
Third Team Vice Captain - to be confirmed
Tea Caterer Co-ordinator - to be confirmed
Club Scorer - Samantha Mullally
Website Administrators - Carl Gilling/Samantha Mullally
Selection Member - Milverton Pearson
Selection Member - Zemroy Thomas
Selection Member - Theo Gordon
Selection Member - to be confirmed
Selection Member - to be confirmed
Head Groundsman - Son Daley
Kellaway Groundsman - Philip Matthews
Grounds Co-ordinator - Lawrence Smith