1. It is the responsibility of each selected player to be at the playing ground on time for the game. When and where transportation will not be required to wait any longer than fifteen minutes over the specified time.

2. It is the responsibility of all players living locally to find out if they are selected. Names of selected players will be posted on the club’s notice board players who do not live locally will be informed. If a selected player is unable to play, he should contact the captain or team manager at least 24 hours before the game.

3. If a player fails to turn up, or does not give the required hours notice of being unavailable, he shall be liable to pay the match and tea fee before being selected for another game.

4. If a player is unable to pay the match and tea fees, he must make arrangements with his captain before the game begins.

5. Non payment of any kind beyond the stipulated dates might incur adverse selection committee action, such payments includes annual subscriptions, tour fees, travelling fees, match and tea fees.

6. A player reported by his captain for improper conduct or any misdemeanour might be cautioned or suspended from playing for any period of time stipulated by the selection or the management committee.

7. The chair or his deputy shall resolve complaints within ten days of a report coming to the chair’s attention. Where a complaint is awaiting the attention of the chair or his deputy, the captain shall be free to allow or disallow such a player from playing in any game. In such cases the captain shall abide by the selection committee decision.

8. When and where a player is suspended, neither captain nor the selection committee may select such a player to play in a game. If the captain allows such a player to play without his suspension being lifted, the captain will be liable to be fined or disciplined by the management committee.

9. The management committee may suspend a captain and/or appoint a temporary captain until a general meeting is held.

10. No player who is not a full member of the club will be selected to play in preference to a full member. Guest players may represent the club at the discretion of the selection committee.

11. Only fully paid up members are eligible to sit on the management committee.

12. Only members are eligible to take part in meetings (unless at the approval of management committee members).

13. All committee members, captains and vice captains will be elected annually at the AGM, except for the club captain who shall be elected by the management committee. The management committee will elect those officers based on nominations received.

14a. any player or member, whose action, whether on or off the field, brings the club into disrepute shall be disciplined by the selection committee, and or the management committee (whether by fine or ban).

14b. an appeal can be made against any disciplinary action of the selection committee and the management committee, provided the player or member notifies the club secretary, in writing, or his/her intention to appeal.

14c. such an appeal ‘’notice of appeal’’ must be made within 14 days of the player or member being informed of the grounds on which the appeal is being made.

14d. The Management Committee shall appoint an appeal panel to hear the appeal within 14 days of the notice being received by the secretary and shall abide by the decision of the appeal panel.

15. All teams will be selected by the Selection Committee and not by any individual, and such teams will not be changed unless a player is absent.

16. The captain is responsible for the collection of Match and Tea Fees but may delegate that responsibility to a player.

17. Any player who is selected to play and turns up late without notifying his captain or team manager may be disciplined by the captain.

18. The captain will be totally in charge of the players on or off the field until the players leave the premises at the end of the game.

19. Any player who fails to comply with the wishes of the captains on or off the field will be subject to disciplinary action by the management committee.

20. If a player turns up late and the captain has already selected another player to take his place, that player who is late will automatically stand down.

21. It is the responsibility of the management committee and the members to ensure the rules of the Club are adhered to at all times.

22. Players and Club Officials shall not make any Public or Media comment which is detrimental to the League, Clubs, Umpires or the game in general. In this instance, media shall include Press, Radio, Television, External Websites, Club Websites, Social Networking Sites and Club Match Programmes.