We are a cricket club located in Bristol and have been in existence for over 50 years. The Club is a merger of Bristol West Indian CC (founded 1963) and Phoenix West Indians CC (founded 1966). This merger came into effect as of January 2013 and is now known as Bristol West Indian Phoenix Cricket Club or BWIPCC.

The Club operates from our Home Ground at the Rose Green Centre, Gordon Road in Bristol. Arising from the merger we also have access to cricket grounds on Kellaway Avenue, Bristol. We share our grounds with other cricket loving groups, such as Easton Cowboys CC, Last Man Standing and Bristol Central Football Club.

We are currently registered with the West of England Premier League and Bristol and District League, with 3 Senior Teams. We are currently rebuilding our youth program. Membership is open to all and starts from 5 years of age. We invest in our Members by offering professional training in coaching, umpiring, groundsmanship and any other qualifications that will enhance the provision of the sport.

The Club attained Clubmark and Focus Club accreditation which are quality standards set by the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and monitored by our County Club supervisor, the Gloucester Cricket Board (GCB). These recognitions show that best practices and policies are in place at the Club to develop, instil and deliver exciting community cricket in a safe and effective manner.

You will find, within our history, two and three generations of families that have been brought up in the club. This sense of community and family continues to be the backbone of who we are.

Over the past 50 years we have provided a significant place of focus in both the cricket and social environment, for not only the West Indian community, but also for the wider multicultural community of Bristol. We have built up a club that offers a place of support, familiarity and friendship, while at the same time being a place of high quality sporting endeavour.

We have nurtured players who have gone on to represent England and the West Indies at International and County Cricket. Players such as:

Syd Lawrence, Trevor Samuels, James Pearson, Ricardo Williams, Dazell Young, Reuben Reid, and many others have gone on to play for Gloucester , having grown up in the Club. Some of our Players such as Reuben Reid not only excelled in cricket but has moved into Premier League Football, starting his professional career at West Bromwich Albion FC. We are very proud to be a club that has always looked to support ourselves and been run, by an army of hardworking volunteers.

Bristol West Indian Phoenix Cricket Club is run by a Management Committee comprised of twelve elected members in a voluntary capacity.